Surgeons, physicians and other healthcare professionals suggest undergoing back surgery, but would never go through surgery themselves. Why would they recommend something they wouldn’t want to do? Healthcare providers suggest surgery as if it’s the only option. In most cases, patients do not know that there are alternatives to relieve their back pain. Every now and again surgery is needed but not as often as you would think. Back surgery is almost always avoidable and oftentimes comes with risks, adverse effects, and extended recovery time. Here’s why back surgery should be avoided.

The Risks

The first thing people need to consider before agreeing to back surgery is the risk. Every surgery carries the risk of infection, excessively bleeding and injury to the nerves. Many patients report not like anesthesia, then after being prescribed an excessive amount of highly addictive pain pills to manage their pain. Through all of the pain and risk there is no guarantee that your back will be in better shape after the procedure.  In many cases, patients do not discuss with the surgeon what they consider a successful outcome after surgery.

When back surgery is considered, the discussion is always surrounding the topic of pain. Surgeries are most commonly done with the hope that the pain will go away. The sheer hope that a patient will be able to return to normal activities without pain holding them down. Activities such as hiking, golf pickleball or just getting out and doing things with the grandkids again. The surgery is not designed to completely resolve your issue, but to simply take out the direct source of the pain.

In many cases surgery does not end up fixing the pain especially in the long term. Commonly, the ability to move and pain actually gets worse. Tissues in the body cannot pick out the difference between different types of trauma. Getting hit by a truck and surgery it’s all trauma to the body. So your “bulging disc” may not be removed but to achieve that result layers of tissue had to be removed to reach that disk. Now your body needs to take the time to heal. In the back surgery process, the surgeon targets the single point that appears to be the problem. The type of back surgery could very well give you other issues as well. The spinal fusion is a prime example of this. In this procedure, the surgeon screws plates alongside your spine, in between the bones, to limit movement in that area. There’s a major problem with this approach. You will need additional surgeries down the line to supplement this surgery (in most cases). Reason being is that the spine works together in its movements. When one area’s movement is limited, the areas next to it have to pick up the slack and have to work harder. The surrounding areas get exhausted much quicker because of the additional stress they take on. These areas will also become painful, and before you know it, you will be back in the operating room getting another fusion.

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When Back Surgery May Be Necessary

At times, back surgery may be necessary. If you have a mass, tumor or blood clot around the spinal cord you should not avoid back surgery. These conditions can compress the nerve and lead to serious complications. A major red flag is when you have less control of your bowel and bladder. This indicates that your back pain is serious and you may need surgery.

When To Avoid Back Surgery

When the back pain becomes excruciating it can be tough to think about prolonging that pain to avoid surgery. As we mentioned previously surgery carries a lot of risk. Alternative and more natural solutions carry little to almost no risk. Surgery should always be a second option because it will always be there when totally necessary. If you have a bulging disc, herniation, sciatica, stenosis and conditions of such sort, a natural more conservative approach is all you need. These are very common conditions that many people fall into the trap of unnecessary surgery.

When considering options for lower back pain relief or general back pain relief, it would be a good idea to ask for a second opinion but be careful where this second opinion is coming from. It’s never a good idea to ask for advice from two people in the same company when they want your business. When asking for help on something as serious as the future of your health, it is important to ask people in different fields. Rather than asking two surgeons what you should do, ask someone who can offer pain relief without cutting you open and significantly altering your body. Talk to a physical therapist who can evaluate your health and see if he can keep you out of the operating room.

Nobody wants to have a surgical operation done, athletes are devastated when hearing they need to undergo surgery. The situation becomes more serious when it involves an intricate part of the skeletal system, like your spine. Although, in some cases surgery is the way to go, it is smart to investigate alternative measures first. If you have been told by family, friends or a health professional to consider spine surgery, it is important that you read these three tips first. There are alternative options that provide natural pain relief that is long-lasting.

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  • Physical Therapy: Similarly to regular exercise, physical therapy does wonders in promoting muscle development. Physical Therapy is better for recovery because you can target the areas in your body that need assistance. Physical therapy has worked wonders for many of our patients who suffer from conditions like bulging discs or sciatic pain. Physical therapy can work to relieve pressure and compression in the problem area.
  • Exercise: Naturally, you would think that resting and lowering your activity levels will alleviate back pain. If you have lower back pain or general back pain, this should not be your way of thinking. When someone exercises their blood pumps fast which helps deliver blood to areas of the body, specifically areas of pain. Get regular exercise to look and feel better!
  • Diet/Weight Loss: The state of your spine is directly correlated to what you eat. Unhealthy foods such as sweets and food with high sugar and fat content can help cause your spine to become inflamed. Inflammation in the spine is a culprit for pain in the back. When one is carrying an unhealthy amount of weight, the excess weight adds stress to the spine.

By keeping the athlete’s body in its healthiest form, where the athlete can train the most effectively and efficiently while minimizing the roadblocks that come with injury.

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Trigger Point Injections: can aid the reduction of pain from an irritated nerve. Get an examination and determine the root cause of your pain before you give injections a go. We cannot promise permanent back pain relief, but many of our patients have found long-last relief with Trigger Point Injections. The goal of trigger point injection treatment is to help relieve pain as well as fix the root of the pain. 

Spinal Manipulation: Another common culprit of back pain is the misalignment of the spine. A chiropractor can deliver a spinal manipulation to help properly align your spine and never have you thinking about surgery again. Spinal manipulation does not help in all situations of pain. For example, if you suffered a spinal fracture then it would not be applicable. If it’s just a pinched nerve then a chiropractor can properly relieve your back pain.

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Is All Physical Therapy The Same? 

The short answer is no. Some people have tried physical therapy and were left unsatisfied and with no relief. You must remember that not all physical therapy is the same. There are clinics that will jampack their facilities with patients giving them the same therapist at the same time. Here at Arizona Pain Relief we give you one-on-one treatment with a plan specific to you and your pain points. Individualized treatment plans are the most effective approach to finding back pain relief without surgery. 

Clients often begin our programs with some skepticism, but also know that they really don’t want surgery. They know that surgery is still a backup option if physical rehabilitation doesn’t work. The best part of our job is to turn the doubters into believers. To notice the fear, doubt, and skepticism melt away as they see improvements in as little as one week. Patients realize it’s working when suddenly they are able to play tennis, pickleball, exercise and play with the kids again pain free. To get away from the fear of getting hurt again is very freeing for our patients. The one-on-one physical therapy approach allows for a plan to be customized around each patient and their goals. We don’t just stop at pain relief. One of the keys to recovery is goal setting. We create goals with our patients that will improve their quality of life, and get them back to the activities they love. 

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If you or a loved one is suffering from severe back and lower back pain and will avoid surgery at all costs, come to Arizona Pain Relief. We can evaluate your condition, create a plan tailored to you, and get you back to a life you love. There’s no risk in weighing your options. We would love the opportunity to make you see a whole new way of recovery. You do not need to believe that back surgery is your only option because it’s just not true. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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