“I really didn’t have too many answers before this, prior to Arizona Pain Relief. I started treatment with them, and still wasn’t getting too much relief and the doctors were real quick to find the switches that we needed to make, the changes that we had to make, and now I’m starting to get relief. I’m starting to feel good, I’m able to get back to life.”       

– Parker W.

“I came here and they’ve been able to almost completely eliminate my pain. We’ve done rehab, we’ve done injections, I’ve done stem cell treatment and it’s all been so fabulous. The people here at the office are wonderful, they make it fun to be here. I’m so glad I chose to come to this office.”

“It has been a couple of weeks and the pain in my foot is almost completely gone. I’m getting back to those things that I really enjoy doing like hiking and walking without much discomfort at all. I’m looking forward to finishing out my treatment plans so I can get 100% back to normal. So I highly recommend coming. Dr. Meyers is amazing, everybody in the office has been great. And I’m so thankful.”

– Amy

“I’ve been here for six or seven months. It’s been wonderful. It has been a great experience. Everyone is very nice, easy to get along with. They make it seem like I am more than just a patient, they actually care about me. I have learned so much about the process of getting better.”

“Coming here, learning exercises with Heber has helped me a lot for injury prevention as well for the future. So now I feel like, I experience running injuries and strains a lot less frequently now that I’m doing preventitive stuff as well.” 

– Ethan

“Every time I come in, I have such a pleasant experience. Everyone is so friendly. I come in, everyone has a smile on their face and so welcoming. My experience here has always been super positive. I am a collegiate athlete, I always have something going on and the second I come in Dr. Myers always knows exactly how to fix it.”

“Over a course of quite a few months and lots of different appointments and getting ingested and trigger point injections and pain specialists and working with physical therapists. I am back to normal and being able to functions. Back to having my 20 year old body. It has been great and I am so thankful for everyone here.”

-Madeline J.

“I started getting severe to the point where I was barely able to walk. I have been working with them now for on and off for like three years. I have learned so much from them about how to take care of my body, rolling, stretching. He is probably one of the best chiropractors I have ever been to. He doesn’t scare me which is really important. He’s also an athlete, so he has a lot of good pointers and information. I didn’t want to stop running, I didn’t want to stop working and I never had to and my knees are getting so much better.”