Tara is originally from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. Her interest in healthcare began after a sports injury that led her to a surgery where she later found may not have been necessary. Tara started as a massage therapist in 1997, specializing in rehabilitative massage and trigger point therapy. This led to a desire to expand her knowledge and ability to help others who were experiencing pain and inspired her journey to become a nurse practitioner. She then became a nurse in 2009 and graduated with her Masters in Family Nursing Practice from Grand Canyon University in 2015. Being part of the team at Arizona Pain Relief has been a perfect fit for Tara’s background, allowing her to focus on treating the underlying cause of an issue, and not just mask pain. She gets great satisfaction in seeing patients improve their function and enjoy activities they were once unable to participate in.

When Tara isn’t working, she has two boys who keep her very busy! She spends most of her free time bringing them to sporting activities and cheering them on. She loves both basketball and football as well as enjoys reading and watching movies.