Ryan Schulze

  Dr. Ryan Schulze was born in Kansas City, Missouri and grew up playing baseball, basketball and running track through high school and college. When he was still in school, he started getting sick very frequently. He was given antibiotics, flu shots and several other allopathic options, none of which were able to improve his health. This went on for over a year. His family and him were not familiar with chiropractors and after some convincing by a family friend Dr. Schulze was taken to see a chiropractor, who ended up being one of his mentors. The doctor explained how several structural misalignments could be related to suboptimal health and a lacking immune response.

In short order he was back to being as healthy as he always had so when my dream of playing shortstop for the Kansas City Royals fell short it was my mission to help as many people as possible live a pain free, healthy life without dependance on a catalogue of medication.

After graduation from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City he moved to Australia and New Zealand for most of a year before landing full time in Arizona and began practicing. In his 16 years of practice, he has seen great results that have become even more amazing when he started working together with other medical providers. Arizona Pain Relief has the most amazing collaboration between Chiropractors, Medical Doctors and Nurse Practitioners that he has seen accelerate the time it takes to get patients out of pain and back to enjoying playing with their grandkids, living a more active lifestyle, and not being limited by their pain. Dr. Schulze looks forward to improving your health soon!