Ryan Schulze

Reigning in from Kansas City, Missouri, Dr. Ryan Schulze graduated chiropractic college before spending some time in New Zealand. After about a year, he found himself in Arizona where he started practicing full-time. What made him want to pursue the chiropractic career path is his personal success with his own health once he put into chiropractic care. After his dramatic improvements, he felt the need to help others in the same way, and in over 16 years of practicing, Dr. Schulze still finds the same joy when he can plainly see a patient’s outlook gradually change as they get healthier and more functional.

Traveling and being outdoors are some things that Dr. Schulze enjoys doing when he is not in the office. Activities like mountain climbing, backpacking, and surfing are also things that he can enjoy with his friends and family. One day he will also perfect his Kansas City barbecue recipe!