Mitch Healy

Originally from the Tomato Capital of North America, Leamington, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Mitch Healey made his move to Arizona in order to pursue bigger and better things that a small town could no longer perpetuate. Dr. Healey had a peculiar origin story as to why he started his chiropractic career. Due to a hockey injury while he was in school, Dr. Healey went to a chiropractor for an adjustment and got night and day results. The next day, he was changing his major from a veterinarian major to a chiropractic major. Now, 18 years of practicing later, Dr. Healey still finds joy in helping patients relieve their pains and get their functionality back.

With Dr. Healey’s off-time, he enjoys spending time with his son, Logan, and his dog, Shep, doing things like cooking at home and enjoying a good movie. He also loves going to find new places to eat and getting there by riding his motorcycle.