Mitch Healy
Dr. Mitch Healey was born in the Tomato Capital of North America, Leamington, Ontario, Canada. He grew up playing hockey and riding dirt bikes. While attending the University of Guelph he had a horrible hockey accident that changed his life. He was checked, from behind, and went into the boards head first. Instantly, his legs went numb. He still had full motor function, but no feeling. After finishing the game, Dr. Healey went to the hospital and the doctor there did x-rays and said, “Everything is normal, walk it off.” After a week of trying to walk it off, he still did not have feeling in his legs. One of his teammates suggested he try a chiropractor. The chiropractor put up the exact same x-rays that were taken at the hospital and said, “This is not normal. Your C1 is out of alignment and pinching your brain stem. You need to be adjusted.” he laid on the adjusting table and the chiropractor adjusted his neck. Within 30 seconds, all the feeling was back his legs. The following Monday, Dr.Healey was in the registrar’s office changing his major from Veterinary Science to Kinesiology!! After completing undergrad, he moved to Chesterfield, MO and attended Logan College of Chiropractic where he got his Doctorate of Chiropractic. After graduation, he immediately moved to Arizona and got to work. Since being in the valley, he has opened and operated 3 clinics of his own and build one of the largest conglomerates in the Southwest. Dr. Healey has had the pleasure of treating well over 3500 patients in 16 years of practice, and is looking forward to another 16 years with another 3500 patients.
When he is not helping patients, he enjoys riding motorcycles, but he is now just a hockey spectator. He also considers himself a part time chef, full time foodie and mediocre movie critic. He enjoys time with his son and their French Bulldog whether they are out hiking Arizona’s beautiful deserts or just hanging at home playing video games. As long as Dr.Healey has those 2 knuckleheads, he is able to enjoy himself in just about any situation.