Megan Trosko Arizona Pain Relief

Provider Megan Trosko is an incredible Nurse Practioner who brings a broad base of skill and talent to our team. Megan is originally from Kansas, although she moved to the Phoenix area as a kid. She loves serving the people here in the Scottsdale and the Phoenix area.

Megan Graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelors in Nursing. She was able to work as a nurse for many years mostly in emergency medicine. She worked in ICU, ER flight nursing and on the ambulance. She then decided that she wanted to progress her career further and went back to school to get her graduate degree as a Masters in Nursing and a Nurse Practioner.

Megan has years of experience in treating patients that have a wide variety of conditions. She has a particular interest in helping patients to get better without having to use drugs or refer for surgery. Megan not only is a skilled and experienced nurse practitioner but also a mother of two twin children. Megan loves her family and enjoys spending time with them. Some of her interests outside of work are drawing, hiking, camping, dance, and sports. Fun fact about Megan is she pole vaulted in high school.