Pregnancy comes with a variety of changes, some of which are obvious and others which are not. Not only do such changes affect the pregnant person, but it also affects their partner. While your pregnant belly and fluctuating hormones may come as expected, other symptoms including lower back pain, joint discomfort, round ligament soreness, sagging limbs, and worsening posture may be unexpected – and considerably less welcome.

Your spine and center of gravity changes and moves as your baby grows. This sets off a chain reaction, taxing your musculoskeletal and neural systems. This triggers changes you may not even realize are related to pregnancy.

Chiropractic care can provide relief when daily discomfort affects your mobility and capacity to enjoy your pregnancy. Here is what you must know about chiropractic care during pregnancy and why we actually recommend it here at Arizona Pain Relief in Phoenix.


As a mother, you’re accustomed to prioritizing your child. You take extra precautions to ensure that any therapy and pain relief you receive is safe not only for you but also for the baby you’re carrying.

You must put a few things into consideration before committing to a new practice:

  • The credentials of the chiropractor. You want a chiropractor who is trained and experienced. One who has completed the additional training required to work with pregnant women.
  • The apparatus. As you may know, it’s difficult to lay face down on a regular chiropractic table while pregnant. The chiropractor should be able to provide you with a special table or adaptation devices, such as extra cushioning that cradles your baby bulge while you’re being adjusted.
  • Permission from your OB-GYN is recommended. Certain illnesses may limit chiropractic treatment during pregnancy, and it’s critical to receive your obstetrician’s approval before pursuing any alternative or specialty treatment. If you’re experiencing or have been diagnosed with vaginal hemorrhage, placenta previa, placental abruption, toxemia, or an ectopic pregnancy, chiropractic may be a bad idea. This would be one of the few reasons to postpone chiropractic treatment until after the baby is born. 

Overall, chiropractic care when pregnant is very safe, and Arizona Pain Relief actually recommends that you get adjustments. It provides benefits beyond pain relief.


Chiropractors take a holistic approach to health.  Holistic healthcare looks to find the source of pain and dysfunction rather than just treating or hiding symptoms.

It’s critical to seek a chiropractor who is trained in the Webster Technique, a pelvic alignment adjustment.

As your spinal curvature increases and your belly expands, the placenta will also begin to emit more Relaxin. Relaxin is a hormone that will eventually assist the cervix in dilation. When used before labor, Relaxin can help loosen ligaments and soften the pelvis, providing support for a vaginal birth. Hip discomfort, pelvic pain, and sacroiliac dysfunction can all be caused by loose ligaments.

Chiropractic treatment can aid in the realignment of the spine and joints that have been damaged during pregnancy.


pregnancy chiropractors

You may get relief from your aches, pains, and muscle tension by combining regular adjustments with supportive treatments like stretching, acupuncture, and hot and cold therapy. 

Chiropractors describe the altered position of the vertebra and the resulting functional loss as subluxation. Subluxation dictates the site for spinal manipulation. When nerve connection is disturbed, it can cause discomfort, poor function, and sickness in the neck, back, and organs. The neural system flows throughout the entire body. Misalignment in one area influences other areas of the body.

Physical trauma, toxins in our food, body products, or surroundings, and thoughts like tension, anger, melancholy, and anxiety can all contribute to subluxation. As our bodies go into fight or flight mode, such inside and outside influences may cause tight muscles, discomfort, poor posture, and other symptoms.

Chiropractic procedures when pregnant are found to be extremely helpful because the mother’s body is undergoing constant changes. Staying healthy when pregnant is so crucial because your health is closely linked to the baby’s health. A chiropractor can also provide beneficial stretches, and exercises for back pain relief during pregnancy.


According to this article in Pathways to Family Wellness, a publication of The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association, the baby’s position is just as important as the mother’s (ICPA). However, the mother can receive all of the chiropractic care, education, preparation, and activity in the world, but it will still not guarantee a properly positioned baby.

The natural environment of the newborn is restricted throughout development if the pelvis is misplaced. It can also lead to a less-than-ideal delivery position. A breech baby can hinder a non-invasive, natural birth, potentially causing the need for a c-section or the use of medicines that the woman does not desire.

A subluxated woman and a baby who can’t get into an optimal position can create a labor that stops and begins or just won’t start. Chiropractic care can make labor go more smoothly.


Chiropractic care can make the difference between a vaginal and surgical birth for women who have special circumstances, such as malpositioned babies or a previous cesarean section. More experienced chiropractors will perform an adjustment on patients while they are in labor. Many professors advise their students to look for this in a chiropractor because it can be really beneficial.


A pregnant woman who is in agonizing pain or has anxieties about her body’s ability to function is not just experiencing physical symptoms, but also emotional stress. When chiropractic care relieves physical pain, it also provides emotional relief and often carries a lasting impact on a woman’s overall health both emotional and physical.

Meeting with a certified chiropractor to discuss care is an important aspect of a healthy pregnancy plan if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant.

Other benefits include:


Morning sickness, or nausea, is one of the most prominent pregnancy symptoms that can be very uncomfortable and difficult to deal with throughout the first trimester. By realigning your spine and enhancing general nervous system function, a chiropractor can help minimize nausea and vomiting. As a result, your hormones will be in a better balance, allowing you to avoid or minimize the severity of morning sickness.


Migraines are commonly caused by back and neck pain, your chiropractor will assess your symptoms and treat the underlying problem. Relieving pressure in your body will aid in the reduction of nervous system aggravation. Knowing what triggers your migraines and how to avoid them will help you avoid them in the future.


Chiropractic Care has been found to be the most effective treatment for sciatic pain during pregnancy. Chiropractors – like ours at Arizona Pain Relief – specialize in treating nerve pain that affects joints and other areas. Chiropractic adjustments performed by our staff can relieve the pressure on the nerves.


pregnancy improved sleep

Chiropractors can help with sleep issues, whether someone is pregnant or not. According to one study, approximately one-third of people who have had a chiropractic adjustment report that their sleep improves immediately. 

The benefits of chiropractic care including: relaxing the body, easing muscle tension, and pain relief, promotes better sleep. A qualified chiropractor can also recommend a better sleeping posture, postural exercises, a supportive mattress, and an ergonomic pillow after a comprehensive evaluation to help you sleep better.


A chiropractor’s experience can be indicated by a number of certifications. The Webster Certification, often known as the Webster technique, is a type of chiropractic examination and adjustment that focuses on correcting sacral and pelvic misalignment.

The Webster technique is intended to aid in labor and delivery, but it can also help generate extra space in the pelvis. When it comes time to deliver, babies should be head down and rear-facing. A baby that is breech, or feet first, may require additional interventions (such as a C-section) and a more difficult birthing process. When labor begins, the Webster technique can help ensure that your baby is in the best possible position.


In more ways than not, chiropractic care for pregnant women is similar to chiropractic care for non-pregnant women. If you’re a new patient, you’ll be asked to complete out important patient paperwork that include your medical history, due date, and any special problems you have, such as sciatica or hip pain. This is also a good opportunity to go over your insurance benefits to discover what is and isn’t covered.

The office visit will go something like this:

  • Initially, your chiropractor will perform a physical exam to test your general mobility and identify any problem areas that have misalignment or dysfunction.
  • Your chiropractor will use the results of that evaluation, as well as your medical history, to create a personalized treatment plan that may include other modalities and services that are considered safe during pregnancy.
  • You’ll get the opportunity to review the treatment plan, ask questions, and get answers.
  • It’s now time for you to make adjustments! This is the most exciting moment because it is here that you will begin to feel better. While your chiropractor performs calculated, gentle adjustments, you’ll get comfortable face down on a special table or pregnant cushion. This isn’t a jerk-and-snap mentality when it comes to patient care. The health and safety of you and your baby are paramount, and it is not essential to use excessive force to obtain beneficial results.

Drink plenty of water after your adjustment to maintain good hydration levels and provide your body with the nourishment it requires to repair. Staying hydrated will aid blood flow, lymphatic drainage, and edema, as well as helping your chiropractor’s work and promoting a happier, healthier pregnancy.


chiropractic care for pregnancy

    Although many people see a chiropractor while trying to become pregnant, you can begin chiropractic care as soon as your pregnancy is confirmed and your obstetrician permits treatment. Consult your OB-GYN as soon as you experience pain, then call your chiropractor to schedule an appointment. Don’t wait until the pain becomes terrible before seeking help; the sooner you seek help, the sooner you can put your body into a more comfortable position and improve your daily life.

    Even if you haven’t seen a chiropractor for the majority of your pregnancy, you can still see one before giving birth. Perhaps you felt fantastic for the first eight months of your pregnancy, but now you notice your baby hasn’t flipped into the right head-down position and your due date is nearing. Maybe you just need a break now that you’re nearing the finish line. Request an assessment from your chiropractor to determine how he or she can assist you.


    The frequency of your office visits will be determined by your chiropractor’s treatment plan, which may change as your pregnancy continues. New aches and pains, as well as diminishing discomfort, may necessitate more or fewer adjustments. However, as the due date approaches, many expectant mothers plan more regular adjustments to help get their bodies in tip-top shape before labor begins.

    In general, you should see your chiropractor once a month during your first trimester and then every two or three weeks until you reach the last month of your pregnancy, at which point you should arrange weekly sessions until delivery.


    There are no reasons to avoid chiropractic care during pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association, as long as you consult with your OB-GYN and work with a chiropractor who is trained in prenatal procedures.

    The best thing you can do is listen to your body and inform your chiropractor of any unusual symptoms experienced or if an adjustment doesn’t feel right.


    There’s no reason to quit seeing a chiropractor while pregnant as long as you stay healthy in general, but you’ll probably benefit even more from adjustments as you enter the third trimester. As your baby grows in size, the latter few months of pregnancy are frequently distinguished by a surge in weight gain, which, when combined with loosened ligaments and an expanding pelvis, throws everything from your walk to your posture out of kilt.

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    Allow your chiropractor to fix your alignment so you can have the comfortable pregnancy you deserve, rather than toughing it out and waiting until your baby is delivered.

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