dr. alicia myers

Hello, everyone! I came to Arizona in late 2010 from Wichita, KS. Back home I worked on a 100-acre ranch breaking horses, barrel racing, bailing hay, doing construction, mending fences, raising cattle and the occasional barn kitten. All of this hard work paid off and I learned to appreciate animals, people, and family.

I could spend the rest of this biography talking about my accomplishments and myself but in reality, it’s not me that matters… it’s YOU. Right now there are people that are in pain. It may be you or someone you love… and right now you need a solution. When it comes to choosing the correct doctor or facility, most want comprehensive and individualized care. Not every injury, headache, back pain or muscle ache is the same. You are not the same body as the person sitting next to you. Everyone is very different in his or her life, hobbies, careers, and pains. This is what I focus on… how to work with you to figure out the cause of your pain and devise a plan to fix that… not just address the symptoms. I can sincerely tell you that I got into this field because I love what I do and the people that I treat.

In 2006, I decided to enter into Chiropractic School at Cleveland Chiropractic in Kansas City after working for a year and a half as a Biochemist. Chiropractic School was my answer to helping so many others with pain that worked a hard life as I did.

Don’t just look for relief look for someone that cares to be on this journey with you. Together we can get your life back. In great health.