Alex Wuertemberger, PT, DPT


Alex Wuertemberger

Dr. Alex Wuertemberger originally born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana, never planned on making Arizona to be the next chapter in her life. However, due to the unique interdisciplinary nature and opportunities presented to her by Arizona Pain Relief, it made the choice to move much easier. What first drew Dr. Wuertemberger to becoming a physical therapist is her need for self-preservation. As a fitness enthusiast that also has injury-prone hobbies, she wanted to take care of herself as well as help others in her same situation. Dr. Wuertemberger enjoys the dynamic aspect of recovery and the individualization of treatment that’s to be made for each of her patients as it gives a way for the two parties to connect.

In her spare time, Dr. Wuertemberger is as active as ever, taking part in many hobbies such as roller derby, martial arts, dance and paddle boarding. Combining that with her profession, she will also make training programs that fixates on her current craze. With a family of 3 siblings, one being a twin, their parents, as well as nieces and nephews, the Wuertemberger family never have a dull moment and will even break out into spontaneous drumming and singing!